Monday, September 3, 2012

What Do You Want?

I'm sorry I missed my last two posting days. With school starting for the aliens--er, kids--and some writing deadlines looming in my nearby future, I totally forgot. Yes, I'm a bad girl. So whip me with a lazer strap, beat me with a light saber, smack me with a....

Oh, sorry.

Anyway, I've been paying close attention to SFR titles of late. I've even been watching the new books that are hard science-fiction. There are so many sub-genres that incorporate sci-fi elements it's difficult to keep track of the markets. There's soft sci-fi, sci-fi opera, hard sci-fi that involves factual techie stuff, and there's also military science-fiction. Oh, and there's sci-fi horror, too. And let's not forget the basis of Decadent's Elatia blog, our wonderful sci-fi romance.

What do you look for in a science-fiction book? Is it the world building? The romance set in a futuristic world set far, far from here?

Well, I invite you to try one of Decadent Publishing SFR titles. You won't be sorry. Here are a few for you to investigate further:

Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
Dead or Alive by L.J. Garland
Conquering Venus by Azura Ice and Maria MoonStar
Rebel Souls (futuristic) by D.L. Jackson
And the Elatia Series HERE.


  1. I admit, I prefer some romance in my science fiction. It doesn't have to be hardcore romance, or hardcore sci-fi, though I've read both.

    The stories I read must be character driven. I want to feel what they feel, whether in the middle of a war, or discovering a new species. I want to relate to them.

  2. I prefer character driven stories and romance with my Sci-Fi, but the science can be soft.


  3. I like just about any sort of sci-fi except for military. I've never been a fan of military anything in fiction or movies.

  4. Love military science fiction, but I'll read anything that's not nailed down.

  5. Morning, DL!

    Have you ever written a military sci-fi or even one with a romantic subplot?

  6. Yeah, I'm not that crazy about nothing but shoot 'em ups, either. And EVERYTHING goes better with romance. But I have to admit, every so often I'll go on romance-less Sci Fi jags. Margaret Atwood. Ursula LeGuin. William Gibson.

  7. You betcha. Blown Away. It's about EOD in space and on alien worlds. Rebel Souls Has a touch of it. I love writing military romance as much as I love crossing genres.

  8. Y'all impress me with your sci-fi writing talent. I don't read enough sci-fi but I do love to read some. One of those genres that I do tend to skip over a lot. I think I might have to focus on this genre for a while! Everything sounds so good, and what better books to start with than this Elatia line :D

  9. Ohhh, those are some great authors, Taryn.

    I tend to cross genres quite a bit, too, DL, so I know what you mean! And thanks for checking back to chat! :o)

    Hi Kacey! The Elatia line is very unique, imho. You won't be disappointed.