Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Known as the pleasure planet of the Belverian System and for its popularity with the universally admired Adamos, story possibilities are endless.

Decadent Publishing’s new sci-fi line is looking for fresh, erotic short stories, ranging from 7-50k, with HEA or HFN endings. 

All stories should incorporate Elatian elements, diction, characteristics, and any other details that the Elatia World Bible offers. Characters must have interaction with Elatia or have part of their story take place on the Elatian planet, but may travel or originate from any of the other planets in the Belverian System.

Please send only one manuscript at a time per author, as we do not accept simultaneous submissions. All manuscripts should be Times New Roman 12 pt, 1 1/2 line spaced. All submissions still need to follow Decadent Publishing's general submission rules, which can be found at the bottom of Decadent Publishing's submission page.

All submissions should be sent to along with query letter and submissions form (which may be requested at above email). Please make sure to note the specific series in the subject line of query letter (Ex: SUB: Manuscript Name by Author Name - Elatia). 

Any questions or concerns regarding the Elatia line, please feel free to e-mail Rie, the managing editor for Elatia, at