Monday, September 17, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Book Covers

Picture courtesy of Public Domain Images.
There's an old adage that says: Never judge a book by its cover.

Sadly, people are very visual creatures, so they do judge books, and anything else for that matter, by its cover. Covers are what draws a buyer in to investigate. A really poor book cover can actually kill sales.

One thing I adore about Decadent Publishing is their beautiful covers, but I have to add that their science-fiction covers kicks the competition's ass! I have several SFR covers created by Decadent's artists, and whenever I have a new one coming out, I am always on pins and needles until I open that file.

I invite you, whether you're simply a reader or an author, to check out Decadent's sci-fi covers. Peruse their pages and then post here what your top two faves are and why. Don't just say it's pretty or I love this particular cover. Instead, really share with us why you like the covers that you grab you the most.

Here are the links to the sci-fi and futuristic pages so you don't have to hunt for them:

Science Fiction Page

Futuristic Page

Elatia Series


  1. I love the color in the covers. Color definitely grabs my attention.

  2. Me, too, Jessica. Dark covers are always hard for me to make out things, especially if they're thumbnails on a site. Sci-fi and futuristic covers need vibrant hues.

  3. Hmm. To be honest there is only one that jumped out to me as a sci-fi romance cover and that was the cover for "Celestial Seduction" Cover art by Dara England. The other covers did not say sci-fi to me. Plus, this was the only cover that made me click on it to see what it was about.

  4. The colours have to grab my attn and most of our covers are vibrant and make me want to look further.
    Couple faves
    Celestial Seduction
    Rebel Souls

  5. Hi, Thianna. I love Celestial Seduction's cover, too. I believe that one is Jessica Subject's book.

    Afternoon, Kacey! I agree with you about the vibrancy and wanting to look more.

  6. I looked at all and found 2 I liked best: Courtesan Bootcamp was very appealing to me. I love men with tattoos and that there was both a man and woman told me it was M/F and add in planet that it was sci-fi. The second: Lethal Beauty. Again it showed M/F with planet/stars so I automatically assume that it is M/F sci fi story and when I am looking for a book to read, I look at covers and if I am in a specific frame of mind for a certain type of story I will only click on a cover that shows me generally what it is in genre. A lot of books are seperated by genre so when looking under general "romance", I have to go with cover "clues"!

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  7. I also agree that Celestial Seduction was nice but I also liked, More than a Fantasy. He was very nice to look at. The vivid colors catch your eye, draw you in. There really wasn't one that I didn't like.

  8. Susanmp, I do that, too. Frame of mind goes hand in hand when looking at covers for potential buys.

    Hello LKF! I agree about vivid colors. :-

  9. I think my cover for Rebel Souls screams sci fi. It and This Endris Night are my favs.

  10. All the staff loved the cover for Forever Across the Stars, too. Just beautiful!

  11. Hi DL! Yes, it does!

    Well, I wanted to shout about Forever Across the Stars but I didn't want to sound biased, lol. It's one of my fave covers I have received from any publisher in the last coupla years.