Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Traveling through Space

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In 1977, NASA sent a probe out into space with a golden record on it. The record contains images, sounds on Earth such as surf and a crying baby, and several different songs, each one a different genre.

It was done in the hopes that if an alien civilization found it they would learn something about us and perhaps follow the directions on the record to find Earth and visit. Here's a LINK about the record.

However, the vast majority of scientists believe it was pointless to send such an object out into the universe. They feel the chances of an alien ship finding the probe are almost nonexistent.

I think they’re wrong. My belief is that various civilizations have already visited Earth. I also feel there may be many already among us but remain invisible to us because our brains are too limited--for the time being--to enable us to see them. If not that, then perhaps humankind's mentality is too infantile for advanced races to bother revealing themselves...just yet.

But there is hope. It’s obvious others were here thousands of years ago (mainstream archeology ignores the proof) so these interstellar (or inter-dimensional) people see something in the human race. Maybe they’re just waiting for us to grow up a li’l more. And if that's the case, why did they show themselves to Man so long ago; what was different about those people compared to us now?

Music, however, seems to be a “language” that everyone understands, so I see why NASA chose to include it on the record and incorporate several different songs and song styles such as Bach. And music is also mathematical, especially Bach’s pieces. Math is the basis for so many things in science and in time travel, too.

Whether it’s historical or even science-fiction, music is an integral part of lives throughout the ages and it will be in the future. What have you read lately that used music as part of the plot or in an important scene?

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