Monday, November 5, 2012

The Creativity in Science Fiction

Courtesy of Flicker Commons.
Science fiction is a genre that’s often popped into the speculative fiction category. I believe this is done because sci-fi incorporates so many different things from fantasy to horror. I love sci-fi horror! The movie Pandorum is a prime example of sci-fi horror. But let's not stray from the true topic....

Whether it’s in book form or the silver screen, sci-fi is packed with creativity. When other genres can be woven into sci-fi there’s no limit to what can be written or filmed. Adding romance to this genre is another bonus. What better way to unite two people than through a new world or a wild, imaginative setting?

My one beef with sci-fi movies is that the romance between two characters is often minor or even subtle. One of my favorite movies is Aliens with Sigourney Weaver. The romance between her and Corporal Hicks is so subtle that if the viewer isn’t paying close attention he might not even be aware of the budding relationship.

I guess that’s why so many readers of romance gravitate to science-fiction romance. The love is integral to the sci-fi plot. Decadent’s Elatia series has hot, riveting romances. In ForeverAcross the Stars, Feather must choose between Ymien and Irikii. Unexpected Return has Prince Aristides falling for the enemy.  Then there’s Dayne in Courtesan Boot Camp who must train a spoiled beauty. And let's not forget the sparks that fly between Sway and Dason in Lethal Beauty.

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