Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Traveling through Space

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In 1977, NASA sent a probe out into space with a golden record on it. The record contains images, sounds on Earth such as surf and a crying baby, and several different songs, each one a different genre.

It was done in the hopes that if an alien civilization found it they would learn something about us and perhaps follow the directions on the record to find Earth and visit. Here's a LINK about the record.

However, the vast majority of scientists believe it was pointless to send such an object out into the universe. They feel the chances of an alien ship finding the probe are almost nonexistent.

I think they’re wrong. My belief is that various civilizations have already visited Earth. I also feel there may be many already among us but remain invisible to us because our brains are too limited--for the time being--to enable us to see them. If not that, then perhaps humankind's mentality is too infantile for advanced races to bother revealing themselves...just yet.

But there is hope. It’s obvious others were here thousands of years ago (mainstream archeology ignores the proof) so these interstellar (or inter-dimensional) people see something in the human race. Maybe they’re just waiting for us to grow up a li’l more. And if that's the case, why did they show themselves to Man so long ago; what was different about those people compared to us now?

Music, however, seems to be a “language” that everyone understands, so I see why NASA chose to include it on the record and incorporate several different songs and song styles such as Bach. And music is also mathematical, especially Bach’s pieces. Math is the basis for so many things in science and in time travel, too.

Whether it’s historical or even science-fiction, music is an integral part of lives throughout the ages and it will be in the future. What have you read lately that used music as part of the plot or in an important scene?

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  1. The difference between the time of the ancient astronauts and now? Plenty. Then, the humans then only had the means of killing each other in close quarters, politics limited to the tribe or maybe the surrounding villages. The visitors didn't have much to worry about.

    But now? Our weapons have greater reach, their destructive power millions of times greater, politics have a global reach and can be influenced by the most mundane of people (remember how a preacher in a small church in a backwater town killed people half a world away by simply burning a book). Think of what a madman with control of a nuclear weapon would do if he/she thought another country had been openly contacted by "beings of extraterrestrial origin".

    I think that any extraterrestrial beings are waiting for us to grow up some more, get past our teenaged hormonal 'rage against the machine' phase before contacting us openly again.

  2. Yes, I believe they are waiting for us to change our ways as well, before they make themselves known.

    As for music in fiction, the two series that stand out the most for me are Gini Koch's "Alien" series, and Beth Revis's "Across the Universe".

  3. Hi John. There's proof in archeology sites of weapons of mass destruction thousands of years ago. There are several sites that have vitrified(sp?) and that is done with super intense heat such as nuclear weapons. It has science communities stumped.

    Music is essential in sci-fi and horror movies, too, Jessica. Can you imagine the Alien sago or say Pandorum without all that dark, moody music?

  4. HAHAHAHA and here I am thinking music of the spheres and literally music in space. :D I'm with you on aliens. Well, you know that. We are both fans of Ancient Aliens. I'm always fascinated by the people who deny it. Hey, everyone has their beliefs to support their lives. :)

    I think you might find this link interesting: It talks about the Greeks advanced belief in music of the spheres.


  5. Honestly, I think they're watching us, maybe among us. They'll let us know what they want when they're ready. Wonder what they think of our music--rap, rock, metal, opera? Especially if they've evolved to communicate through telepathy. A music of the mind, silent to human ears.
    So much we still have to learn, I think.

  6. Cool re the link, Marci, thank you.

    Morning, DL! I've often thought the same re what they think about our music. I can only imagine, lol

  7. In my new release, FORGE, several of the protagonists are on record as playing an instrument/singing. But movies have the upper hand in using music as a plot device. "Close Encounters" anyone? While I'm more than half-convinced they've been here before, and semi-convinced they could be here now, I'm not ready to believe that aliens are just waiting for us to grow up to join the galactic brotherhood. I suspect they have heroes and villains of their own...