Monday, June 18, 2012

Alien "Salesmen"

Years ago, things such as giant cell phones and big digital watches weren’t even conceivable. Now cells have gone from something one had to carry in a shoulder bag to the size you can hold hidden in the palm of the hand. Even in Jules Verne’s stories, some things he wrote out of pure imagination, such as going to the moon, were things that people laughed about. They weren’t possible and barley imaginable.

Look where we are now. Consider the digital age, the advances in medicine, the high tech weaponry science and the governments are experimenting with.

What happened? Where did the huge jump in our technology come from? When mankind goes from using horse and buggy to model Ts and not long after that more advanced transportation, the knowledge for these things just didn’t drop out of the sky on us…or did it? Science is also a hair from putting the finishing touches on an invisibility cloak (check it out here). Perhaps we have alien "salesmen" among us? J

The medical field has made disconcerting leaps and bounds, too. Some of the medical advancements I’ve seen on television and magazines really boggles the mind, and many are not invasive anymore.

I hate putting on makeup; I find the process tedious. A cool daily tool from the future that I’d love to have is some sort of mask like what Lelu uses on The Fifth Element to do my makeup. If an alien came to you and offered to give you the knowledge and the tools for one sci-fi or futuristic advancement to better our daily lives—not a time machine or anything like that—what would it be?

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Azura Ice

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What’s the Deal with SFR?

I’ve been told there’s no market for SFR in traditional publishing. However, I read an article last year in RT Reviews Magazine that readers are hungering for SFR and futuristic romance so they turn to Indie publishers for this genre.

Decadent Publishing has awesome SFR/futuristic titles as well as the new Elatia line, so if you know anyone who loves these genres and can’t find much to read, send them to Decadent.

But I digress.

I wonder why traditional publishers say there is no readership or demand for these books? Sure you can find regular sci-fi titles, but where’s the sci-fi and futuristic romance in big publishing?

Consider all the sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and horror movies coming out. Not to mention all the games based on these genres. Most often have romance in them.

So where are the books?

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