Monday, December 17, 2012

Do you believe in Aliens?

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My favorite program for the past couple of years is Ancient Aliens. However, I don’t believe everything they say and lot of it is postulation, imo, but there’s still much on the program that makes me go “Hmm...” and load of  historical information that makes perfect sense if you look at it from a ancient-alien perspective.

One argument that is made among many scientists is that there is too much distance between galaxies and planets, providing the planets have life, for space ships to reach Earth.


Does none of Einstein’s theories hold water?

My husband and I were watching something on television about this very topic and I looked at him and said, “Why does it always have to be a matter of distance? Today’s scientists and physicists profess to be so smart, so why does it have to be a ship crossing a distance? Why can’t extraterrestrials know how to bend space? Who’s to say they’re not opening worm holes and/or dimensional doors to get here? You know...portals.”

Then, last weekend, I saw the Skinwalkers episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. In a nutshell, the richest man in America now owns a Utah ranch that’s the source of much UFO activity and he’s building a private space station. Witnesses insist holes appear in the sky over the ranch where ships enter our world. Hmm, what was that about portals?

I believe anything is possible. A closed mind is a starving mind.

Do you believe aliens visit our planet? If so, how do you think they get here?


  1. I believe it would be very foolish AND insufferably arrogant to think that we are the ONLY (allegedly!) "intelligent" life form in a Universe which is still expanding day by day since it was created.
    Parts of this planet are overcrowded, but in my opinion this is mostly due to poor "management of available resources". Put into a wider perspective, our 'problems' are insignificant.
    "Mi casa e su casa" - there's room for all! Why wouldn't a species who have developed travel technology come for a look-see? And move on if they find the conditions on the 'Third Rock from the Sun' don't match their needs?

  2. I would concur with Paul's sentiment that it is foolish to think that we are the only intelligent life form in our galaxy, or the Universe as a whole. There are many stars, with earth like planets, just in our galaxy and many more galaxies in the Universe. So just from shear numbers, I would think that there is an intelligent life form out there.

    Now, have aliens visited our planet? I think so. There's too many things that have happened that are unexplainable except as something extraterrestrial. As to how they got here, don't know. Wouldn't want to even try to guess as someone with an alphabet soup of letters behind their name would shoot down the idea, calling me an idiot at the same time.

    Personally, I think we have aliens living among us. How else do you explain cats?

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for reading and commenting! Paul I totally agree with you, and Starfox I LMAO'd at your cat comment!

  4. cky15: Oh, what things we watch and read about. But as for the question I do believe it is possible that strange thing happen. I do believe that there are others out in the outter space so they may come here. It might sound strange but where we live we do see things by a mountain that we say is sighting. It is just accepted but not scared of.

  5. I have believed life existed on other planets and in other galaxies as long as I can remember. Even when I went through a period of time when I considered becoming a Christian minister, I still believed. There was never any doubt for me. As for weather they've visited us here on Earth? I think so. I believe they've tried to teach us many things, but sometimes people are not so quick to understand.

  6. *Stands and claps for Paul*
    That's what I've said forever--arrogance in thinking we're the ONLY ones. Like 'we're the center of the universe and the Sun rotates around us'.

    YEP, I believe it. The numbers are immeasurably in favor of "others".
    Ancient Aliens is so much fun to watch. Some of the postulating is way out there, but I've learned a lot about other cultures and teachings that I'd not heard of previously. Plus if we look throughout history, hard and fast truths are only hard and fast in the present--when they become history every things it's OBVIOUS. Like germs, atoms, antibiotics.....150yrs ago those were undiscovered.

    I love in MIB when Tommy Lee Jones said their program is funded by things like velcro. And in that movie recently about the dirty-talking alien where he said he was Steven Spielberg's idea man, that Hollywood interjected fact into the popular culture as fiction so people wouldn't be so shocked when the presence of aliens became general knowledge.
    WHY NOT?!?

  7. I believe there is intelligent life out there somewhere. Probably a lot of it. The problem is that the universe is so vast, chances of contact are extremely slim. I certainly don't believe that they have landed on earth. If they had, much better evidence than what has been presented would come out.

  8. I think a lot of "the Ancient Alien theories" is insulting to the intelligence of the ancient people. Egyptian, Mayans and Aztecs were brilliant. They had medical advances such as brain surgery. A lot of what they knew was deliberately destroyed by invaders, ie Romans in Egypt destroyed the library of Alexandria where Cleopatra had collected the wisdom of the ages, and then later Spaniards in Mexico deliberately destroy what they could of the written language of the Mayans (Maya codices).

    So we have no idea what knowledge was lost.

    As for alien visiting us, no, I don't believe. I think a lot of people are delusional. However, having said that, the universe is just too vast not to have another Cinderella type planet (one not too cold or too hot) to support alien life of some sort.

  9. I believe the universe is full of alien life. Some may be similar to us, some will be based on a different set of atomic structures. For life to have ever begun, it had to be flexible and willing to use the components available on that planet. And as Douglas Adams points out, size matters. A fleet of Aliens could travel for generations to attack us for the crappy TV we sent them and as they attack they get swallowed by a yawning dog.

    Sorry, I can only be serious for 68 seconds at a time.

  10. I have to agree with Paul. Our galaxy is but one of many. To believe we are the only intelligent beings in this vastness of space is insufferably arrogant. The US is one of the few countries that doesn't believe in ETs.


  11. Life on other planets, yes. Given our discoveries in the last couple of decades about where life can flourish, it simply isn't possible for Earth to be the only life bearing planet in our universe.

    Full alien intelligence that could actually cross interstellar distances to visit us? Meee. I look around the world, at what we've been able to do in less than two-hundred years and I've really begun to question whether intelligence is really a good, long term survival trait. Dinosaurs existed on this planet for over 145 million years, we're barely passed 20,000 and we aren't going to need an extinction level event to wipe us out. We're doing too good a job ourselves.

    I also think there's a major problem with the usual view of evolution, that intelligence is the goal of the evolutionary process. Survival is the only goal. Insects are much more successful than anything else on the planet. Bacteria is right up there. Our hubris is not so much in thinking we may be the only intelligence out there, but that intelligence is really all that important in the bigger view.

  12. I don't know...I think we have the potential to be intelligent, but too much of humanity spends their time concentrating only on their baser needs. With all of the knowledge of humanity at our fingertips, what are the major uses of the ubiquitous internet? X-treme porn-viewing and socializing on sites like Facebook. What?

    So it's not so much that intelligence is over-rated, as it is that intelligence is under-rated. People don't trust others who are smarter than them. Smart people try to hide their intelligence in everyday activities lest they make others uncomfortable. We'd be a hell of a lot better off if we actually listened to scientists when they speak about their theories, trying to stretch our brains to understand them and help them test their ideas, rather than turning away to see what reality show is on TV, or which celebrity has a baby-bump, or a new clothing line.

    I think the universe is even more vast than we can imagine, and of course there is life all around us. If we have been visited, I'd think they would have shook their heads sadly and left in disgust, meaning to return in a few hundred years when we might have learned to act like adults, not unruly toddlers. And I really like the idea of bending time to travel.

    I had hoped when I was young, that by now we'd be traveling among the stars...but that was before the space budget was cut as unimportant. Now that we've privatized it, only the rich will be able to travel off the planet. But at least there will be money for new discoveries, as long as someone can make a profit. See what I mean about denigrating intelligence? Exploration for the sheer joy of expanding our understanding isn't enough...someone must be able to make money on it or it won't be done.

  13. I believe in many things most people scoff at. Why do I believe? It's easier to believe when you experience something. It's the only way most will ever believe, too. It doesn't matter if it's aliens, Bigfoot, Nessie, or even vampires or werewolves--seeing or experiencing is believe. I imagine a day will come where the world will get a good shock; however, I don't know if I wanna be around when/if it happens, lol.

  14. Fiona is so right. Intelligence is not respected. Instead, sometimes it seems we seem to embrace ignorance. Just take a look at the TV network, TLC. Honey Boo Boo - need I say more? The silliness of the world ending because of some very vague, and misunderstood Mayan calendar -- when every legitimate scientist said it was crap -- would never have become so powerful, to the point people have bankrupted themselves paying other people to keep them safe, would never have happened.

    We have the intelligence to build colonies in outer space, even build ships that would take us to other stars, but like Fiona said, we find a pregnant princess more important than what the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle means.

    On the side: has anybody seen the mock documentary Evacuate Earth? Fascinating look at what might happen if the Earth was really faced with destruction (in the form of a neutron star heading out way) It does a good job of covering the whole gamut of human behavior and emotion during crisis. I also find the series Aftermath to be equaly fascinating. Their 'what if' scenarios are classic science fiction.

  15. Pat, is that the one where it has something to do with a star that moves into Earth's space and starts tearing the ozone and magnetic field apart? There were also parts about private contractors building their own space stations, and one blew up on lift off? Or am I thinking of something totally different?