Monday, November 5, 2012

The Creativity in Science Fiction

Courtesy of Flicker Commons.
Science fiction is a genre that’s often popped into the speculative fiction category. I believe this is done because sci-fi incorporates so many different things from fantasy to horror. I love sci-fi horror! The movie Pandorum is a prime example of sci-fi horror. But let's not stray from the true topic....

Whether it’s in book form or the silver screen, sci-fi is packed with creativity. When other genres can be woven into sci-fi there’s no limit to what can be written or filmed. Adding romance to this genre is another bonus. What better way to unite two people than through a new world or a wild, imaginative setting?

My one beef with sci-fi movies is that the romance between two characters is often minor or even subtle. One of my favorite movies is Aliens with Sigourney Weaver. The romance between her and Corporal Hicks is so subtle that if the viewer isn’t paying close attention he might not even be aware of the budding relationship.

I guess that’s why so many readers of romance gravitate to science-fiction romance. The love is integral to the sci-fi plot. Decadent’s Elatia series has hot, riveting romances. In ForeverAcross the Stars, Feather must choose between Ymien and Irikii. Unexpected Return has Prince Aristides falling for the enemy.  Then there’s Dayne in Courtesan Boot Camp who must train a spoiled beauty. And let's not forget the sparks that fly between Sway and Dason in Lethal Beauty.

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  1. Hi Faith:

    You're right, in Science Fiction, the romance can be subtle, a part of the overall plot, the normal interaction of two people caught in a bigger story, not the focus of the plot itself.

    I enjoy stories where the romance creeps up on the hero and heroine and the first kiss between them is just as much of a surprise to them as it is to the audience.

    Then again, I'm weird like that.

  2. No, no you're not, lol. I totally get what you're saying and I agree. That's good romance. I wish sci-fi movies would employ that tool more and develop the romance. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Starfox! :-D

  3. There are a few science fiction movies where the romance is part of the plot, and that's what makes me want to watch them over and over again. Some examples are Contact, Independence Day, Avatar, and don't forget Star Wars. For me, that romantic plot pulls me into the story even more. :)

  4. I have got to be the only person on this planet who didn't care for Avatar! LOL!

  5. I love Independence Day! I loved how the characters romance was one of the focal points and how even the destruction of the world can't tear them apart.
    I like the new Star Trek movie where Spok and Ahura (sp) are secretly seeing each other. It came out of the blue. Very surprising and romantic.

    You're not alone, Faith. I wasn't that fond of Avatar either. I thought it got too much hype and was a bit of a letdown when i watched it.

  6. I really enjoy SF with romance, weather it's a movie or book.

  7. Before I make this comment let me first say I love the science fiction of today WITH the romance elements more part of the plot and more visible! Yet, we all should remember that the science fiction genre didn't begin with a great emphasis on romance, at least not the "romance of love". If you've read, and I'm sure many have, the early works of Verne, Wells and so many others and I do mean before Asimoff more toward the early 1900's the word science drew more attention. In many of these writings there were romantic elements but not on the level we looks for and expect today. That evolved later through the 1950's and further into the modern age. Personally, I couldn't write it any other way. I want to see love blossom in a science fiction situation. To me it only makes sense - given the hardship, adventure and excitement of that kind of plot the hero/heroine or heroine/heroine or hero/hero what ever the relationship must take place for a satisfying read.
    But as for Avatar - I'm a fan - I can't wait for the next one - I just question IF I'll be here to see it as long as Cameron takes to develop not only the story but the technology to produce it. For that matter will he still be here???

  8. Excellent point, Sultry! The 1950s are when the sci-fi movies really took off, too. At the time they were also called horror because the movies were unlike anything people had ever seen for their times (and AMC played many of them this year for October/Halloween), but now when we watch them we laugh our butts off at the hokey creatures and effects. Honestly, I think the film makers, actors, and artists of that era did a great job with what they had to work with.

    Another Avatar? Seriously? Well, like you said, if it takes Cameron as long this time to make the 2nd one...LOL!

  9. Shiela, I love Independence Day, too. I really liked how David and his ex interacted with one another. Can't remember the woman's name on the movie, but I'll always know her as Margo from As the World Turns, lol.

    Janice, I'm with you. Either or is fine with me!