Monday, May 7, 2012

Consider this…

I believe anything is possible.

I also believe that there is life out there beyond the little marble we’re living on.

Some people believe nothing divine created our universe and that it was caused by a huge explosion of epic proportions. Fine, it’s a theory. However, permit me to voice my opinion. How does the Big Bang create love? Oh, did I make you snort in derision? [Dude, sit down. Don’t make me come over there and zap you with my plasma jolter.] Instead maybe you paused, blinked at the screen, and pondered that statement as you sipped your coffee.

Yeah, I know. My thoughts as well as some of the goofy to wild things that pop out of my mouth often earn me some strange looks. But seriously, how can there not be something awe-inspiring out there with an intelligence that makes humankind look like fleas? A big bang didn’t create love. It didn’t form loyalty in us or inspire creativity. The so-called Big Bang didn’t put special talents in each human body so that some sing beautifully while others can sculpt life-like statues.

Emotions are not a part of the Big Bang. Period. What, I ask, instilled these things in us? It had to come from somewhere. Are we descendants of an older civilization out cruising the galaxy and they ran out of gas, landing on Earth? That’ll teach ‘em to leave town without their Galactic Triple A card.

So many are freaking out about the end of the Mayan calendar. I’ve studied some about it and it certainly makes me pause. For the first time in twenty-six-thousand years, every heavenly body in our solar system will line up perfectly with each other. What if that line-up opens a portal? If so, perhaps someone is going to pay Earth a visit. Now there’s a thought.

[Glances over at the chick screaming “The sky is falling!” in the corner of the room] Damn, lady! Chill! Just listen to me for a moment. For crying out loud, someone give that woman a sedative, sheesh.

Anyway, are we afraid of intelligent extraterrestrial life, or are we really frightened of change?

It’s something to think about.

That’s why I adore science-fiction and SFR. The possibilities of what IS out there are endless. Scientists and realists say that it’s impossible for there to be UFOs and that the distance between our planets and stars makes it inconceivable to travel through space and time.

Oh, dry up! It never ceases to amaze me how such people are the top choices for narrow-mindedness. Maybe our way of thinking limits us. Ever consider that? If we open our minds, perhaps we’ll be able to see things we never thought possible.

Who is out there? Throughout the ages, the answers we seek about our planet and who we are have been lost or deliberately destroyed so people could be manipulated and ruled. Now answers are being found again, but it rocks the foundation of mainstream archeology. Consider this…what have monarchs, monks, bishops, popes, presidents, and wars done to keep us in the dark?

What has been deliberately hidden from us? Maybe we’ll find out this December.

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  1. Faith/Azura, I feel like you've popped into my mind. Wow, an awesome and thought-provoking post.

    I didn't give much thought to the end of the Mayan calendar, but wouldn't that be awesome if it did bring visitors from another planet? And no, I'm not one to believe they will only bring us harm.

    Exciting times!

  2. Exciting times, yes, but it also sends a li'l shiver of "Uh-oh!" down my spine, too. LOL! The Mayans insist all that they know was given to them as a gift of knowledge from the gods who descended from the heavens. The gods' images are carved all over their complexes. I could go on and on but I'll leave room for others to chat, too, lmao! :-D

  3. Well, you know where I sit in this conversation, Faith. I think it's arrogant to assume we are the only intelligent life forms in the vast Universe. Someday, the unbelievers will find out the hard way. I'm just hoping that whichever one comes are the benign kind instead of the others.

  4. Me too, Marci! There is more than enough evil in this world without more entering it.

  5. I honestly think that while the Mayans were on to something I think the dates are all wrong as far as calenders and such and it would be cool if another life from showed up on our lil rock . I also think its arrogant to assume that its just us because there is more then one galaxy more then one star system and god if you believe it was one god or gods didn't just make us . as far as thought provoking I think some evil is necessary for the greater good that all things happen for a reason good or bad because that is what shapes us and makes us all individuals and who we are with out the evil in this world we wouldn't appreciate the good that comes with it. Because you cant have the good with the bad

  6. Hi SiNn. Why do you thing the dates are wrong on the calendars?

  7. Although I did pause for a moment at your Mayan comment, I think that it's not something to worry about, as calendars are man made things, and time is something man cannot control. As for the rest, rather than something being out there, which is responsible for love and emotions, I believe that it's something that is inside of us, that we're all made from the same thing - every person on this planet and everything else. We all possess this power, and we can make it work the way we want. Positive energy attracts positive energy, and conversely negative attracts negative. No, it's not a perfect system, and yes, it does negate a certain amount of the good/bad reward thing. But goodness is its own reward, and good is more likely to produce positive energy.

    Pretty bracelet, great thought provoking post. Happy Mother's Day to one and all!

  8. Great post, Azura/Faith. I always love your humor. :) I'll have to check out your newest book. I love SFR.

    Personally, I think Mayans just ran out of room on that rock they chiseled that calendar on. And BTW, the Mayan calender didn't include leap year, so if you factor leap year in, then you'll end up with the Mayan calender ending sometime last year.

    Cheer up people, the world is safe for a little while longer at least. Next year, who knows?

  9. Julie, that is a wonderful way of looking at it. And thank you for the Mother's Day wish, too!

    Evening, Janice! Ohhhh, good point re the Leap Year. Never considered that! Re my humor, lol, I'm glad I make you laugh!

  10. I am a Christian and believe in GOD and I have no doubt other planets could have living things..GOD will take care of us if we believe in him and whatever happens will happen no matter what..just keep an open mind. Just pray whatever shows up will be friendly..we have enough hate in this world..we do not need more. sue

  11. I agree, Sue. Good must be stronger than evil/hate. I pray whoever arrives is friendly, too.

  12. Today is the day to announce the winning comment, but since I was torn between two comments, I'm going to give a bracelet to two winners.

    The first winner is Julie Lynn Hayes, and the second one is Janice Seagraves.

    Congratulations, ladies!!!